Mowing & Other Lawnscape Services

At TLC, we pride ourselves on giving your lawn full attention to keep it looking beautiful. Learn more below about our services and techniques for lawn mowing, thatch control, core aeration, and aeration and over seeding.

Lawn Mowing: Proper mowing is a key component to establishing the quality and beauty of your lawn. We never remove more than 1/3 of your leaf blade with each mowing since the more leaf tissue removed, the weaker your turf’s root system becomes. We keep our blades properly sharpened  to prevent causing damage or disease.

Thatch Control: This technique removes heavy excess layer of organic matter that would otherwise render grass unable to grow into a healthy lawn.

Core Aeration: This technique reduces soil compaction, delaying harmful buildup and therefore allowing for better movement of air, fertilizer and water into the root zone.

Aeration & Over Seeding: This technique renovates weak, thin or damaged turf through core aeration and then application of specially-formulated grass seed.

Additional Services: Mulching & bed maintenance, shrub & hedge pruning, spring & fall clean-up (including leaf removal, and rain gutter cleaning.